Why Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus is One of the Best Android Phone in the Market

June 5, 2018

Smartphone manufacturers keep adding new features to their gadgets to make it easier and more fun for users. Seeing how phones play an important role in the day to day life, everyone wants an affordable phone that will suit their needs. Samsung has over the years produced the best android phones, improving features in the gadgets with every new model.  Galaxy S9+ uses Android 8.0 (Oreo) Operating System. The Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus comes in a range of colors. It is available in bold and light colors like Lilac Purple, Burgundy red, Titanium gray, Coral Blue, Midnight black and Sunrise Gold.

  • Camera: Let’s talk about the camera; the front camera has an 8MP AF Sensor and a sensor ratio of 4:3. The Samsung Galaxy s9 Plus has a Dual-Aperture Technology which increase the light when one wishes to capture objects in dark scenes and minimizes the light, thus preventing images from being over exposed. The autofocus capability in the front camera enables you to take clean selfies. The 12MP rear camera takes stunning outdoor shots that can be edited with different filters. The rear camera can take up to 20 shots per video with approximately 0.2 seconds of recording and six seconds of playback for each shot. The Galaxy S9+ camera has a Dual Optical Image Stabilization, and has a live focus with bokeh filters which cause the background blur effect.  The Samsung Galaxy S9+ has a 5.8 inch screen with 1440X2960 pixels.

With the Galaxy S9+, you can record 4K or 1080P videos at 30fps or 60fps. 720HD videos are recorded at 30 fps. For slow motion videos, 1080p quality records at 240fps. The camera can also take 9.1 megapixel still photos while shooting 4K videos. Both the front and rear cameras have grid lines, location tags, the floating camera button and the motion photo effect. Unlike its predecessors, the Galaxy S9+ has dual rear cameras.

  • Audio: The Audio is fantastic as the stereo speakers powered by AKG are of super high quality. The audio playback supports over 20 formats including MP3, M4A, DSS, DSF, APE, OTA, FLAC, MID, XFM, WMA, AMR etc. The dual audio feature connects two Bluetooth devices to the S9+ or the S9, enabling them to play audio files through the two phones at the same time. AOP Mic in the device is good for recording as it limits distortion in rowdy surroundings. The dual system allows audio that is loud enough and with impressive quality.
  • Tv Connection: For wireless TV connection, Smart View is there so you can watch videos saved in your Galaxy 9+ on your big screen. Connecting with cable supports display port over USB type C. It also supports video out when connecting via HDMI adapter. To connect with Smart View, swipe down on the status bar and tap on “Smart View” then tap on the “Switch On”. Select the external display device from the list. If you’re unable to see any, check again to make sure that your TV or external display supports screen sharing.
  • Sensors: The S9 has sensors like the light sensor, proximity sensors, Gyroscope and a fingerprint sensor. The fingerprint sensor gets the gesture support. Go to the settings to turn on the option to swipe up to open the Samsung pay or swipe down to open notifications. The fingerprint reader has made mobile payment effortless.
  • Processor: Samsung’s Exynos 9810 found in a number of phones and the snapdragon 845 processor is just for you, as it gets tasks done faster than most android phones. You will never experience moments where your phone hangs as you navigate through apps or online sites. No file no matter how heavy affects the speed of your phone.
  • Battery: When fully charged, the battery lasts for a whole day. Continuous navigation and streaming may however drain it faster. Galaxy S9+ operates on a 3500 mAh capacity battery. The phone takes less than two hours to be fully charged. The battery lasts 15 hours when you use 4G internet and lasts for 13 hours when using 3G internet. Don’t worry about your phone dying on you when you’re out of your charger’s reach and you want to play videos throughout. The Galaxy 9+ battery lasts up to 18 hours on video playback. You can switch to wireless charging with the wireless charging pads available, though this may take a little more time for your battery to be full.
  • Storage: We all love phones with huge storages, as they help us store as many files as we can. Galaxy S9+ did not disappoint with the 64GB internal storage and 6 GB RAM. It is amazing that you can expand the memory up to 400 GB.
  • Security: Nobody loves it when their phone is randomly access without permission. To keep your phone secure from people who may use it when you are not present, Samsung added three authentication processes that you can choose from ; The Lock Type, The Intelligent Scan and The Biometric Type. The Lock Type has the PIN, Password and a pattern. The Biometric Type has the iris scanner, face recognition and fingerprint scanner. The Intelligent Scan merges Iris Scan with Face Recognition for suitable unlocking. For more security, a secure folder is created on the device to keep your videos, apps, images and other files private using either the fingerprint or iris scanning. McAfee protects your device from viruses and any type of malware.

Another lovely thing about the S9+ is that you are able to customize a couple of features on the phone as you wish. You can change the color of your navigation bar and the background color of the notification that pop on the lock screen. For Android lovers, Samsung S9+ is one of the best smartphones you can get in the market right now. The design and features are exactly what you need if you love high-end smartphones. Galaxy S9+ operating speeds are excellent and the photos you take get to be as bright as you want. Not forgetting how sleek and stylish it is to walk around with.  It is worth the hype and will give you the best service when you purchase one.