November 13, 2020

Did you know that a the January, 2020 statistics showed that there now 1 billion users on instagram? With such a majority of the public on this platform, it has become the new norm for people, brands and businesses to use it as a marketing tool. Influencer marketing is at the top of the trends, and millenials now actually prefer to go instagram shopping.

Now if you are not a business minded person but are hoping to benefit from this, then the best way to do it is by being an instagram influencer. If you have a knack for making a beautiful instagram feed, and have somehow gained enough followers through displaying talents such as fashion, food, beauty, photography, fitness, modelling or even just by blogging quality content about a specific niche, than here are three ways that you can actually make a career out of it. To help make money out of your instagram account, Have a peek at these guys!

  • Do Sponsored Posts:

Get paid to talk about a product or a service, it’s as simple as that! Many businesses, whether they are instagram based or not, have seen better sales of their products when they get reviewed by popular influencers. Followers of influencers are more trusting when it comes to their word, rather than that of businesses.

Instagram Influencer Marketing

  • Become an affiliate:

If you want to help make direct sales of different products and make money out of it as well, you can do it by becoming an affiliate. Where an influencer only generates awareness about brands and products, becoming an affiliate allows you to share direct links to help to sell them and earn a commission by doing so. A trackable link or a unique promo code can be shared by you, one click on these ensures the sales of these products.

  • Start your business:

Once you have enough followers and engagement on all your posts and feed, it opens up a lot of opportunities. One such option is to start-up your own business. It doesn’t take a mastermind to run a successful business. Having followers indicates you already have an audience who can be your potential customers. Now all you need is funds for a small investment, at first. Once you see that there are sufficient sales with enough profit, you can gradually progress towards bigger endeavors. And that’s how an instagram influencer has the potential to become a huge entrepreneur!

Most people start instagram accounts to pass time, display pictures or just do it for the fun of it. But you never know what kind of content can interest and attract enough followers and ultimately help you achieve greater things. It can literally become a source of bread and butter for a lot of people by creating a source of income as part-time jobs and also opens up a lot of work from home opportunities. Or even better, make an entrepreneur out of you!