Effective strategy to get followers on Twitter quickly and naturally

April 21, 2019

I hope you have a twitter or listen, anyway. If not, it’s your fault. Just a joke if you do not tweet or do not use it at this time. I’ve been using Twitter for about 3 months, until recently, just a week ago, I found an excellent strategy to improve natural and fast followers. This article is my humble attempt to share what I learned, and how to gain followers on twitter as well as how you can achieve it with your Twitter account, if you have done it over the years or just one day and the number of followers who sang an average of 50 to 100. days

The golden rule of Twitter, if someone is behind you, is still in first place. This idea is what we call the web. And “well, I think, a very general rule of life. Suppose, for example, the theme of friendship. If you want to be friends, everything must be in order. Nobody will go with you if I do not, right?

One more thing that needs to be relevant. Compliance plays an important role on Twitter. Naturally, people want to follow, but not all people, who, of course, are the ones who stand, like what you want. You do not want someone to tweet when Twitting is an adult who does not educate your children, right? Of course not!

how to gain followers on twitter

Do this for each keyword that best describes what you are doing and what you like on Twitter. Instead, you can search for keywords related to Google AdWords keywords. And if your keywords, follow the process described above again and again.

Well, as I said, not everything goes, right? If you sing for a while, you understand that this is true. So, what to do with twips that never came back?

Do not follow those who do not return.

It is like that! You heard it well. Set a time of, say, 48 hours or 3 days, or maybe a week. This should give you time to see who you really are and not to return. Do not follow those who do not. You can also do it manually, one by one. Simply click on the word “to” stop following the other. The site has a subscription cancellation button that automatically checks your account and cancels the Twitter user’s subscription that you do not need with a simple click. Very good. If it is. This will give you space; Repeat the process, especially when you want it.