Five Instagram mistakes that hurt your reputation

May 30, 2019

Instagram is as popular as Facebook today which is why it has millions of users because of its trendy factors where more than sixty percent of its users are eighteen to 29 years old, and for many advertisers, that age group has always been their number audience to make profit from their respective business, and since they are forming different brand loyalties, that will last for many years.

However, marketers are still trying to find more ways for this photo-based social media platform which its format is very different from Facebook, which results to committing mistakes which are costly to their brand when it comes to reaching their target audience.

To help you identify these mistakes that you may be practicing too often that it already hurts your brand and your promotional strategies, here are some common Instagram mistakes that you can surely avoid before you even decide to purchase followers or compra likes instagram 2019.

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  • Spamming- Everyone will do everything they can in order to promote their products and services to Instagrammers, however, before you even decide to post something, make sure that that you pay close attention to the type of content that engages the users of Instagram and focus on providing them naturally with details and information so that they can learn easily about your brand instead of sending them blatant advertising that appears like a spam which is totally annoying and can even destroy their trust on your brand.
  • Acts like an Artificial Intelligence- Sometimes not showing the human side of your brand will surely create a negative impact out of it. If you would notice, some of the most successful brands and businesses took their time and effort on personalizing their social media accounts so that their customers, as well as prospect customers, can feel that they are interacting with a real human instead of an automated program that sends automated messages which defeats the purpose of being in touch with your customers. Let your brand’s personality show through to your customers regardless if it is through the use of humor or just simply showing how you operate your business.
  • No links provided- Instagram will not let you post the official link of your brand on your posts, instead, you can only post it in your profile’s bio. This is a common work for many marketers where they guide their followers and customers by captioning each of their posts with “link in bio”. However, some brands and businesses do not provide this short phrase to their posts which defeats the purpose of promoting their brand especially their website that needs traffic.
  • Poor content- Posting bad photos and non-sense content will surely affect your brand’s reputation and credibility especially when you post something that is uninteresting and not relevant to your brand. Also poor content means that you posted something that is political, divisive and opinionated, you are promoting your brand so, why do you have to mix into sensitive issues? Well, you do not have to hire a professional photographer just to have a regular good post, instead, try posting interesting stuff that is relevant to your brand.
  • Failure to engage- From the name itself, social media, you have to engage with the people who follow your Instagram account by replying to their comments, put up polls, surveys, and tons of stuff that will create quality engagement instead of ignoring their comments regardless if it makes sense or not.