How are free likes on Instagram linked to Social Publicity

July 19, 2019

“More likes, more popularity”. Instagram is a social platform where people share a part of their life with others in the form of images, videos, and texts and interact with them. A person’s account can be both private and public, depending upon the audience with whom he would like to share his life with. Almost every teenager including people of all areas of interest uses this form of social media. Anyone can hit a like button, anywhere, anytime! The more the number of Instagram likes, the number of people you would be interested in your account.

What makes Instagram likes important?

  • In contrast to life offline where people express their genuine liking towards somebody or something through actual words and emotions, in social media, it is expressed in the form of likes. Likes are the only visible way to find how much a person is famous, active and liked by people.
  • Every business account aims to have an ample number of likes, to maximize their sales and provide them more business opportunities.
  • It helps to connect with people who share the same interest as you.

free likes on Instagram

  • The free likes on Instagram help us to know that the content uploaded by us is liked by the audience or not. For example, as a writer with thousands of followers, I uploaded a piece of writing and got 1000+ likes but after uploading another piece of writing, I ended up getting only 200 likes, which means that my audience liked my former piece of writing more.
  • It helps an account to grow, knowing that you are liked by people; you will strive to work your best in order to make them like you more.

How do people attain likes on Instagram?

Most people share their flattering pictures and videos, thus getting the desired number of likes. While others share the things they expertise in and then people can reach them using suitable hashtags. For instance, I expertise in baking and I regularly upload my images and videos regarding the same, I used the hashtag baking and all those people who are interested in baking can see the image or video that I have uploaded. Some people simply upload their images and get liked by people for who they are.

In an era of technology and advancements, our world is becoming smaller and smaller but people are growing apart. They are more involved in their smartphones, capturing pictures everywhere they go to upload on Instagram that they often forget there is a beautiful world waiting for them outside the phones.