How to Find the Right Video Editing Software Based on Your Needs

August 9, 2019

Whether you are an experienced video editor or you are just starting, you must choose the right software at the onset. Choosing the right software can mean the difference between a successful career and a flopped creation.

With this, you should make it a point to carefully examine every video editing software you come across so you will know the features that are best for your needs. To help you get started, here’s how to find the right video editing software for your needs:

Determine your budget

The first thing that you need to do is determine your budget. Since there are many video editing tools in the market, you should expect different price points. Of course, the cheapest is video editors with elementary functions and the most expensive is the professional suite that offers a diverse range of features.

Check the user interface

Aside from the budget, you should look into the user interface. For instance, iMovie for pc offers a whole bunch of capabilities and features, but the interface is kept simple for beginners and professionals. The key here is never settling with a tool that looks or feels foreign to you.

iMovie for pc

Assess the input formats

The next thing to consider is the input formats. Keep in mind that there is an overwhelming number of source or recording devices these days. With this, you must determine the video file formats you will use then ensure that the tool can handle the video file format you are after.

Look for editing tracks

In a video editing tool, you will be provided with several editing tracks – some offer plethora tracks while others offer few. If you do not need to place many things on the screen at once, you should pick editing tracks that matter.

For instance, you will need the main video track, two tracks for your video overlays, two for still images, one lane for your titles, one for your subtitles, one music track and one narration track. For a beginner, these tracks are enough.

Decide the video transitions you require

When looking for a video editing tool, you should also look into the transition effects that you require versus the transitions it offers. There are many video transitions out there but you need a dissolve or cross-fade, fade to black and no transition at all or a straight cut.

Examine special effects and filters

After looking into the video transitions, you should examine special effects and filters. When it comes to deciding the right special effects and filters, you should look into the main effects that you find quite useful. Other effects are just there to tempt you, but they are not that useful.



Look into software upgrades

More importantly, you should look into software upgrades, especially if you plan to improve your work professionally. With this, it is a good idea to consider the pricing so you can decide the right range of products for the upgrade path you are planning.

Final words

If you cannot decide, you can always read reviews. This way, you will know the experiences of other editors first hand. Keep in mind that the key to making the right choice is to be able to understand what the software maker is offering.