Keep a backup for securing your data

March 24, 2019

If you want to create a backup of information then you should use cloud online backup technology. You can also take help of cloud service provider because they can innovative and cost effective solutions. Nowadays, due to various reasons people are now using the AS400 cloud hosting.  It is important to choose the right cloud provider for a long term success.  You should consider a number of aspects before hiring cloud service provider. They also have several options to recover your data within minimum hours. If you evaluate their options then you can feel surprised to get a cost effective and reliable service.

What are the areas you should consider for picking a cloud service provider?

 Standards and certification – standards never determine that which service provider you should choose. They not only helpful for short listing reliable providers.  If security is priority for you then you should make sure that have certification and government cyber essential scheme. You should look that they have good data management and service status visibility.

Technologies and service – before hiring a service provider you should make sure that service provider’s platform and technologies support your current objectives. You should also assess that how much are coding you should do for making your work flow. There are many service providers who offer migration services for planning the phases.  You should also ask about the roadmap service to your service provider and asses that their roadmaps fits in your needs or not.


Security – service provider also provide you data classification scheme which defines the various type of data according to policies and sensitivity. If you have some special requirements and obligations then you should find who can give you various options to store your data, managed and processed. Cloud service provider also shows their transparency about data centre locations. But, it is your responsibility to find out   all information. They have ability to protect your data through encryption with in cloud system. You should make sure that sensitive data which they are securing should be encrypted.

Use reliable hardware – there are many service provider who are using IBM power server with authorized software and licenses.  If you want to reduce the chances of risk then cloud system is the best option because it reduces the problem with support keys, software patches, and replacement parts.

Disaster recovery – some times by mistake you delete important data of your business and then you face many problems. If you want to make sure that you have backup for your future use then you should hire cloud service provider. They use recovery provision and process that are able to support your data. some features that you get include scheduling backup, restore, integrity checks and criticalness of your data.