5 Powerful Reasons Why You Need To Consider Putting Image In A Blog Post

June 7, 2019

Getting traffic on a website is never an easy way and unending strategies to take. However, today at some point is more advantageous in making these things possible. There are a lot of social media platforms that can help every individual to increase their traffic. Thus, one of the most important in every website and especially blogging is putting an engaging image in every content. The image helps to describe and at the same time express the whole content.


Reasons To Produce Great Image In Blogging

  • Visually Appealing, having an image secures every blogger’s content seem visually appealing, but this is valid only when an individual is using the accurate image to carry their message. An individual image should be related to the meaning of the object and should be anyhow related. These days, people value “related posts” with thumbnails, or have “promoted posts” in the sidebar. All of these apply an image (normally the highlighted image) of the post to display the thumbnail. This not only benefits an individual to take a greater CTR but also minimizes the bounce rate.
  • Images Exploration Engine Traffic. Images also encourage an individual to take many of traffic from image search engines. But for this to work, a blogger might require to optimize several things like the Alt text and image information. Originally, when an individual practiced adding images, it will never care about the image names. Knowing that images help in handling traffic from quest engines, then an individual can start working their keywords in my image’s Alt text and description. They can try the SEO Friendly Image WordPress plugin to assist them in optimizing their images for search engines.
  • More Social Media Shares. Not only it will enforce users to share their content on their social media systems, but it also encourages a user to make more traffic from social media sites. One key thing here is to guarantee that when readers share their blog columns on social media sites, that given post should include the right image which is optimized for social media. Do master, no user needs to get their social media wall look messy. If an image of every individual image are not high-quality or get someone’s wall look un-attractive, they won’t need to share it. ShoutMeLoud, apply the Yoast SEO plugin, which permits an individual to pick the image which will be accorded on sites like Facebook, Google +, and Twitter. It’s a single but great plugin to encourage viral traffic from various social media platforms.
  • When an individual work an image within their article, it serves to make the post look longer. It doesn’t expand the word count of the article, but it assists in making it seem more detailed. If an individual is writing a short post, combining in an image or two will improve their post look much better.


How To Add Image In A Blog: Top Tips

  • Resize the Image, This is a very important factor that every individual should remember in mind when they are uploading their image. Most of the people execute the mistake of uploading a great image and then later resize the image utilizing WordPress’s inbuilt picture editor. Doing this will create a website to match bogged down with great images and cause issues with charging time. To make sure individual post images don’t hinder their blog’s loading time, an individual should resize images before uploading. There is a portion of software out there that a user or a blogger can manage to do this.