Did you know? People use YouTube for music

December 4, 2020

Everyone is spending more time at their house due to the pandemic. People are turning to YouTube and listening to podcasts, music while taking a power nap in the living room or even while preparing dinner in the kitchen.

YouTube does not release data about search queries or keywords. However, studies based on stats retrieved from keyword explorer tools suggest that people worldwide use YouTube to search and listen to music. It points out that the top 100 searches made by American users in 2018-19 were related to music. The word “music” itself happens to be one of the five most searched terms. Audiences even convert YouTube to mp3 online.

The scene is not much different around the world. The top 100 YouTube searches performed by users worldwide were related to songs, musicians, and music bands. Around 57 searches out of 100 were for music.  The data has helped marketers with great insights about what people generally search on YouTube. Users turn to the video-sharing site for music, branded content, and video/music from established YouTubers.

Downloading can prove to be a good idea rather than playing songs in the background

YouTube makes it easy for users to create a playlist as well. However, advertisements and related videos (feature) prove to be distractions.

Some apps enable you to play songs in the background without video. You can listen to songs, just like on a clutter-free music player. But, keeping them running in the background as a music player can drain the phone battery quickly. Plus, they keep the phone busy, reducing the device’s overall speed. And this is where helper websites come into the picture.

Convert video into MP3 without downloading software

Streaming songs on YouTube also requires an active Wi-Fi or 4G data connection. Instead, you can simply convert them into MP3 files, download them, and listen to them using your phone’s music player.

Certain websites allow you to convert YouTube to mp3 online for free and then download the file. You won’t have to compromise on the audio quality as there’s almost no deterioration.  All you need to do is open the site, paste the YouTube video link, and hit the GO button. The file conversion time depends on the size and quality of the YouTube video to be converted. Once processed, you can download the same on your phone or PC and listen to it while the device remains offline.

These sites do not charge any fees to the users and make their revenue from ads displayed in various sections on the portal. The option is far better than downloading software on your PC or phone. Why take such a risk? Remember, it may keep working in the background, steal your data, and slow down the device.