How important are medical-grade cables? Find out here

October 5, 2019

In the medical industry, medical cables are proven to be critical in imaging devices to deliver images that are used in minimally invasive surgical procedures like the ones that involve endoscopes that are used for endoscopy. This helps minimize the trauma in the patient during the surgical procedure by helping the acceleration of healing through the extension.

Medical cables for endoscopy are commonly made from fiber optics as well as fiber materials. However, what is the other applications that a medical-grade cable can be used? To give you an idea, check the rest of this post that will provide you all the valid details and information about this wonderful tool that is also widely used in other industries like a wire harness manufacturer.

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  1. Used in patient monitoring– Medical cables for patient monitoring are made and are designed in facilitating the reliable transmission of patient information for those that are looking after their patients in hospitals. The cables are critical in verifying the efficacy of the treatment that is administered to their patients.
  2. Highly used in cosmetic surgery– Medical cables are also very critical in cosmetic surgery particularly in different surgeries that are done by cosmetic surgeons that include microwaving technologies, ultrasound, RF, and other technological execution in cosmetic procedures. These applications can be very intricate in delivering energy and processing monitoring requirements. Due to the nature of this kind of application, cosmetic surgery medical cables can be commonly come in ergonomic and also aesthetically-pleasing packaging which is also being done by the automotive cable manufacturers.
  3. Used in defibrillation– Medical grade cables are also being used for emergency response purposes because of its reliability and durability that is why this material is found in defibrillators that are used both within the hardware and also the paddle assemblies that usually come in contact with the patient that is in need of electrocution for revival. This material has proven itself to be very safe, reliable and also very straightforward energy delivery solutions for this particular application.
  4. Electrophysiology purposes– Medical grade cables are also used in facilitating the collection of different data points that are used in monitoring different low electrical pulses in the patient’s heart. In order for this to work, these medical cables are commonly supported to provide excellent signal integrity during the procedure. It helps generate signals that will identify the site where the anomalies are happening and also the occurrence of arrhythmias that has to be removed through ablative energy procedure.
  5. Electrosurgical applications– Because of the nature of this kind of application, medical cables for this kind of application are used commonly for single-use, and also disposable types that is a cost-effective risk management application.
  6. Highly used in imaging procedures– If you would notice, medical-grade cables are highly used in diagnostics such as surgery, delivery, and therapy and the list goes on. It is very true that in these types of applications, medical-grade cables are highly used to provide excellent imaging results for the MRI, X-Ray, CT Scan, PET Scan, and fluoroscopy.