The Role of Network Firewall Security to Combat Illegal Networks

January 6, 2022

A network Firewall is a security device used to combat illegal entry to private networks and allow only those networks mentioned in the policies. It protects the network from undesired traffic. The firewall ensures that network traffic from the less secure area should be verified and checked before moving to a certain extent. Incoming or outgoing malware is being protected or blocked by the network firewall security. 

Various Kind of Firewalls Include

  • Next-Generation Firewall: It detects the entire data transaction and includes a higher level of security. They can prevent malware attacks, external threats, and more.
  • Packet-Filtering Firewall monitors network traffic and cleans or filters incoming packets based on mentioned rules. It can block an IP address and a port number if it contains any threat to the system. They do not prevent web-based attacks.
  • Network Address Translation: It blocks unwanted connections and also helps to hide the IP addresses to make them safe from attackers.
  • Cloud Firewalls: A Company uses these firewalls to protect its internal networks. They are run on the internet by third-party members.
  • Virtual Firewall: It manages internet traffic over physical and virtual networks.

The other three types of firewalls include software, hardware, or both. The hardware firewall is a physical device that acts as an antivirus solution for the server. It filters the cyberbully going to a computer. A Router is an example of a hardware firewall.

hardware firewall

Benefits of Network Firewall Security

  • It detects the network traffic, which can affect the server. It protects the data coming in and out.
  • It helps prevent the virus attack by controlling the system’s entry points.
  • It prevents hacking as hackers can gain unauthorised access to the data and the whole system.
  • It promotes privacy and builds a safe environment to work and store the data.
  • It blocks pornographic content. 

Cons of Firewall

  • It can be costly to some users.
  • Its maintenance requires extra labour and resources.
  • Separate applications can be required to block the malware attacks. 

Can Hackers Hack Firewall

All the devices at home should have the latest operating system, and wireless routers should also be secured. One should not depend on a firewall only. They should go for other ways also to ensure the home networks.

Every organisation and working employees are dependent on the Internet for their work. It is essential to secure the networks. Firewalls are becoming a part of every organisation now because it helps to prevent malware attacks and secure the network. A network firewall works according to the security rules to accept or block the traffic, affecting the whole system.