Tips to get best batteries for solar storage in the UK

June 28, 2019

Yes, your search for best batteries for solar storage ends here. Here at Moxia, we have made using solar energy simpler for all the households here in the UK. Solar energy is not useful for day time but with our specially designed batteries, you can store that power to use seamlessly at night also. We have developed such capabilities in our batteries which can give you maximum power delivery even at night also so that it makes total sense to your electricity bill.

Well, we all know that basic reason why we use solar power but have you ever gone beyond that? Well, we will tell you some very amazing valuable knowledge which will give a boost to your idea of investing in solar panels and good solar batteries. Let’s discuss some of the key factors of using this easily available natural energy.

Solar Power

What is solar battery storage?

It’s been around 20 years since households here in the UK are getting in solar panels for their homes whether it may be for general use or for heavy use. But that was useful just during the day time only in the sunlight. After that people used to pay bills for the electricity they use at night. But batteries for solar storage has completely changed this whole thing. It has made life much easier of all the households using solar panels and batteries for solar storage here in the UK. With this, you can store all the extra energy in a highly efficient battery that stores all your energy very efficiently which you can enjoy at night. And this way it completely reduces your electricity bills to almost negligible. Here at Moxia batteries developed by us not only gets charged from the sun but it also gets charged from your normal electricity connection also. As here in the UK some places have tariff based on time of usage so you can also take advantage there.

How do solar storage batteries actually work?

If you have understood by now that the biggest advantage of having a solar storage battery is that you can charge it during the day in sunlight and can use the same at night. So no let’s know about the actual way in which solar storage batteries work. Creating these amazing batteries for solar storage is a completely revolutionary step taken by us. Moxia is the smart battery manufacturer in the whole UK. It uses all the excess energy which your home is not utilizing during the day and saves in it the battery. Instead of sending all the extra energy back to the grid it uses it to save it when the sun isn’t shining. We have made it simpler with Moxia dashboard which will keep all the data of the total generated energy and total used by your home. These batteries for solar storage shows complete information so that it becomes easier for you to understand detail power consumption by you in your home. It provides 24/7 optimal performance with a proper charging level of your battery.