Why Skype is used in Business

August 5, 2019

Skype Business allows you to perform audio and video conferences very simply and with a resolution of 1080p in HD. Quality will be there and you will be able to easily discuss with your colleagues located on another site, to organize your meetings efficiently.

Skype access via a web browser and mobile application

The tool has a web app version allowing outside people to participate in your meetings. They can connect via a simple web browser to participate in your conference in audio and video mode. The presentation and display sharing will even be available.

The solution also has a mobile application available for all platforms.

Note that it is quite possible to invite a user who does not have a Skype for Business account or not, two solutions are available to him:

If he wishes to participate only by voice, then a special telephone number (at the cost of a normal call) will be provided to him to join the conference call;

If he has a computer, tablet connected to the internet or from his smartphone, he can participate in video conferencing directly in his web browser through a unique web link to each meeting.

Sharing screens and documents under Skype

In addition to videoconferencing, darmowe skype  it is quite possible to share your screen but also to give control of your screen! This will allow you to easily manage a meeting with a PowerPoint presentation or demonstrate a platform for your customers.

Sharing your screen directly with remote control allows you to have total interaction with your users. If you want to demonstrate a product, you can let a participant in the meeting to test your service. The control of this feature is total and you can take control at any time. Skype Remote Tutorial can also be useful if you are doing a multi-demo and want to do a flowing lecture, in which case only one presentation medium can be played with control sharing at each turn

Features Skype IP Telephony

  • Skype Business can be used to replace your traditional telephone system ( PABX ) for the purpose of making and receiving external phone calls. For this, you can go directly by:
  • A compatible VoIP phone
  • A computer with headset and Skype for Business software (Skype for Business)
  • A tablet or smart phone with the Skype for Business app

How to benefit from incoming and outgoing telephone calls to the external network with Skype for Business? For this you will need a license “Voice” for Skype available with our offers:

Skype Business ToIP  on our dedicated infrastructure

  • phone plans with Skype Online and Microsoft O365 Enterprise or Skype Online Plan 2 licenses
  • Our Cloud Connector Edition Skype 365 offering to connect a phone plan of your choice to your Office 365 environment