IBM i Cloud: The Underrated and Efficient Cloud Service provider

January 5, 2022

Cloud Computing

Cloud is a computing process where can be stored all kinds of data on the internet by the service provider who is managing and storing the data is a major service. It actually gives an advantage to the uses to avoid the data storage devices and saves money. The data stored in the cloud able to access anywhere across the globe at any time. In this, i cloud opens a space to save the videos, photos, documents, and music on the internet and it will be updated automatically on all devices. Moreover, the cloud is not meant only for storage and also it provides various features. IBM i cloud offers the services in a cost-effective, scalable, and with security to store the data. It is a large service provider compared to other applications and hosting services so far we know.

Types of Services

IBM i cloud is a complete service that has large collections of products as well the computing services used around the world for business to business operations. As compared to other computing service providers like Google Cloud, AWS, Microsoft Azure, IBM offers three types of cloud computing services. Those are,

SaaS: Software as a Service

PaaS: Platform as a Service

IaaS: Infrastructure as a Service

Special attention is provided on IaaS and all these are more popular among users across the world.

IBM i cloud

They provide services from developing companies (startups) to large-scale organizations and companies. Beyond this, they offer all these services under three different roofs such as SmartCloud Solutions, SmartCloud Foundation, and SmartCloud Services. These are helping in the improvement of efficiency and production.

Features of IBM i Cloud

  • Use and access virtual IT resources, including networking and computing power, not just cloud storage.
  • According to the cloud foundry platform choosing either virtual servers or bare-metal.
  • Developers are using IBM i cloud either on-premises or on the public for programming and using more types of applications.
  • It supports almost all the programming languages like Java, Python, Node, PHP, etc.,
  • Different types of the database can able to build from SQL to NoSQL.
  • Solutions are provided by using Block chain technology.
  • Providing the security to the cloud to the core level.
  • Applying the approach of Pay and use is pricing
  • Developing Machine learning and AI-based solutions.

Cloud Computing, Cloud Networking, Cloud storage, Cloud analytics, and developer tools, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, and the Internet of things & mobile, Management, and Security are certain important IBM i cloud services. Computing, network services, and storage are the three important aspects that clearly distinguish the IBM cloud from other service providers. They are offering mote monitoring and management features. IBM cloud service is not popular as the other service provider though it generates decent revenue. Marketing is one of the reasons for this.

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