Nest vs Arlo—Which One Is Better?

December 9, 2019

Nest Home and Arlo from Netgear are two featureful and reliable security systems perfect for homeowners and renters. They are highly sophisticated cameras ideal for modern home automation. The best thing about the systems is that they allow for do-it-yourself installation thanks to the easy to follow instructions and pictures to make installations easy and fast. Let’s discuss nest vs Arlo deeper for you to be able to make an informed decision.

Similarities between the Two Camera Systems

  • These two highly sophisticated camera systems are suitable for use in rental homes and permanent houses.
  • The two sell at almost the same price, which is quite high for the value you get.
  • The two systems offer amazing performance when used in outdoor and indoor settings.
  • The systems offer two-way communication
  • As with these camera systems, you won’t have to worry about lengthy contracts.

Differences between the Two Camera Systems

In terms of versatility and performance, Arlo is a bit limited. The cameras feature the latest tech and features, but serves as the focal point, while the nest system features 24/7 offsite monitoring and environmental protection. Let’s discuss the differences between these two high-end security cameras.

  • As with Arlo, you won’t get 24/7 monitoring though you will access monthly cloud storage, ensuring you can store your video footage.
  • Arlo cameras have zoom and night vision features, which you won’t get with Nest camera system.
  • As with Nest, you are getting full home automation, which lets you integrate systems like Google smart home platform and Nest thermostat.
  • Nest provides you with advanced environmental hazard detection, including carbon monoxide, water, freeze, fire, and smoke.

Nest vs Arlo

Installation and Set-Up

The two systems are easy to install and use. They come with simple and user-friendly instructions and guidelines to make installation as easy and as fast as possible. You can have the systems fully installed and working in a matter of a few hours.


None of these security cameras come with lengthy contracts. As with Arlo though, you have got the choice to subscribe to month-to-month cloud storage, ensuring you can safely store the videos captured by the surveillance cameras. As with Nest, you have got the option to subscribe to the monthly 24-hour monitoring to ensure optimal performance and effectiveness of the systems.

Nest vs Arlo—Conclusion

Arlo safety system by Netgear utilizes cameras for protection and alarm services.  The system is perfect for both renters and homeowners, though the price is a bit high.  As with the Nest home security system, it’s ideal for homeowners and renters using Google smart home platform.  It’sa reliable home automation system that’s designed to be easy to use. Installing both of the systems doesn’t require any professional since they come with simple installation guides and instructions.