Understanding Test Probe in Details

August 8, 2019

There are many generic names used to describe this one product which is electrical engineers and any other person handling circuits in their work. This is the test probe which is also referred to as, spring probe or the pogo pin. Whether you understand it as the pogo pin, test probe or the spring probe you will get it as per your description. The product is just one. Even when you feel that you will not be understood, you can always look at the pogo pin catalog and point out what you need for your electrical work. This product which has been given many names is a component that conventionally is used to provide contact with PSBs – Printed Circuit Boards or Electrical devices and components to measure the component’s value and its functionality. These are the kind of products you will find being used widely in test fixtures which are mechanically or vacuum operated and which are associated with the common automated test Equipment. The pogo pins come in various shapes and therefore before buying one or two, you must consider the Pogo Pin Socket to get the right one.

Components of a test probe/pogo pin/ spring probe

  1. A Standard test probe is made up of a metallic tube, an assembled spring and a contact plunger. All these are supplied as just one item which is easy to handle.
  2. If you have ever handled or seen a pogo test, you must have seen that it was coated with gold. And have you ever asked why? If you have noticed the trend, then you will know now. The test probes are coated with gold because gold is a good conductor of electricity and it resists corrosion.
  3. Test probes usually have an electrical cable which is generally connected to the receptacle. The receptacle is where the pogo test inserts into. The use of the Pogo pin socket allows the user of the accessory to remove it, clean it or replace it without disconnecting the electrical cable.

There are various kinds of test probes for various kinds of circuits. The moment you see the pogo test catalog from your preferred vendor, then you will be able to choose the one that fits your circuits.

Pogo pin socket

Are you looking for a reliable, durable and affordable pogo pin? If yes, then you are in the right place, where all false opens are eliminated. Where unique loads of quality test probes produced under sophisticated technologies exist. No one would want to buy a product which will disappoint them. Everyone goes for a product which is of high quality, affordable and durable. No one wants to keep on breaking circuits from time to time trying repair and maintain something that you paid a lot for. When you think of buying a product that would serve you to satisfaction look for a dealer who has a comprehensive rich portfolio where you will have a variety to choose from.

Did you know that we operate in different weather conditions? If you operate in environments with high currents and temperatures, ensure you get a high-quality test probe for ECTs with proven reliability and durability for stable performance in such areas.