How to ensure proper cleaning of laptop keyboard?

Fortunately, cleaning the keyboard of a laptop PC is much easier, since by design we will not be able to disassemble it to clean the interior, so it will be a more superficial cleaning. That is why it is recommended, in the case of owning a laptop, that the keyboard is cleaned periodically, at least once a week. Click here to know bout computer keyboard cleaning.

At this point, all we can do is clean the keys with a damp cloth, taking into account the same consideration as with PC keyboards:  Do not damage the impressions of the keys or the switches.

Gaps between the keys

For the gaps between the keys, it is best to use a good quality soft brush. In the event that dirt is visible on the base of the keys or in other places that are difficult to access, then it will be appropriate to reuse the can of compressed air or hand vacuum and the cotton swabs. Visit this site to know about computer keyboard cleaning

Cleaning the surface of the keyboard

Finally, we can use a soft cloth on the surface of the keyboard and keys, and with the same cloth, clean the notebook case. We can also moisten the cloth slightly with a product specially designed to carry out this type of cleaning, which is usually also useful for cleaning the notebook screen.

What to do in a keyboard accident?

Something that can happen to us, especially to those who are not very careful, is that when being with the laptop and at the same time having a glass of water, soda or any other type of drink in our hands, inadvertently the contents of the glass are tipped over keyboard.

Although we can believe that these types of accidents usually only happen to careless people, the truth is that none of us is exempt from going through a circumstance in which any type of liquid ends up spilling on the laptop keyboard, which can become a real tragedy.

In the event that an accident of this type happens to us, it is advisable to remember the steps detailed below, which will allow us not only to clean the keyboard, but also to prevent it from being ruined.

Step 1

As soon as the liquid spill occurred, we must immediately disconnect the keyboard from the computer or turn off the notebook.

Step 2

The next thing will be to turn the keyboard over and shake it with minimal force, so that almost all the liquid that may have accumulated inside it can fall.

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