Cheats for newbies in GTA 5 – Get started in GTA V

December 17, 2020

For everyone, the beginning is always difficult for a game as open and with as many possibilities as GTA 5 (Grand Theft Auto V). With these tips and tricks, we will try to make the beginning of your life in Los Santos much easier and not to make the rookie mistakes that many of us have.Click here for gta 5 apk.

Here, we will tell you various tips and tricks for beginners and new players of GTA V. They are the first knowledge that you should know in a video game like Grand Theft Auto 5, and that will make your life easier.

To run faster

This is one of the easiest tricks that you will discover in one of the missions on the beach, but if you know it before then all the better. If you keep X pressed while you walk, you will start running… But by pressing X constantly you will be able to run even more. You should also know that by improving your physical condition (doing sports activities) your character will run even more.Visit this site for gta 5 apk.

Look at the GTA map

By pressing the crosshead down, you can enlarge the map, which will allow you to better see some locations you want to visit. At first, you will get lost a bit in Los Santos (it is truly immense), but if you visit the map and point out one of the locations (hairdresser, golf course, tennis courts, etc.), the map will indicate the route to get there to the site by the shortest path, which is not always the fastest. You have to know that some locations are hidden on the map or that they can only be accessed at certain times of the game.

Not all cars are the same in GTA 5

Choosing a car is one of the most important factors when starting the game in GTA, do not take it lightly, it must be a car that is not very bad, but not a luxury car.

At the beginning you will start taking cars from the street, not all cars are the same, nor do they run the same, nor are they equally useful for certain missions. If you steal a car, try to do it in a place where they won’t see you, otherwise, the police will start to follow you. This will also happen if you are found with a stolen car driving through the streets.

Change characters

You can change characters in GTA V, each of them has different missions to fulfill. To change characters at some point in the game on PS4 and PS3 press the crosshair down, and then change characters with the right analog stick. The number that appears next to the character’s face is the number of missions.