How to protect ourselves from harmful electromagnetic radiation?

January 13, 2021

In addition to the advancement in various technologies and equipments that are very useful in our lives, there are also various risks posed on the same which will be bad for our health. The electromagnetic radiation is emitted from the devices like smartphones, computers and so on when they make use of the internet. Try to use waverider and 5gat the places like offices or homes to prevent your body from absorbing these harmful radiations.

This EMR(electromagnetic radiation) is emitted from nearly most of the devices that we use in our day to day lives. It is even though hard to protect us from the same, we can make several precautions to avoid facing such situations. They are as follows,

  • One of the common devices that is being with us all day is our smartphones which provides lots of features. This is why most of the people use it for more than several hours a day continuosly without even getting tired. We always carry the phones in our hands while using it which will emit harmful radiation bad for our health. Try to keep the phone away from you during sleeping or any other leisure tasks and take it only when you definitely need it for some reason. Try to put the phone in speaker when attending any call as you will be experiencing the radiation when you are on a call. So keeping your phone a little far away from your body parts would be best to follow to prevent yourself from the serious effects of this harmful radiation.
  • Use the phone only when the signal is more and stop using it when it is very poor in signal. This is the time when these phones will emit more radiation. When you are surrounded by any metal places, the amount of radiation emitted from these devices would be double the times than it would emit at normal places. Another important device that emits larger amounts of radiation is wireless devices like phones, wireless router for wifi connection, bluetooth and so on. So try to avoid using these devices for longer time periods everyday to minimize theeffects that it will produce when used as usual. Avoid carrying smartphones or laptops or any other devices on to the bed which will affect the whole body very easily. Make sure you follow all the above tips to safeguard yourself from these harmful radiations. Another interesting thing that you can do is to use waverider and 5g to prevent any harmful effects of the radiation to enter the body even though you are at a place which is full of this bad radiation due to various causes.