Understanding The Benefits Of the IBM iSeries In Cloud

October 7, 2019

iSeries is IBM’s highly popular server all over the world. Known as AS/400, iSeries is IBM’s higher success stories as it offers many benefits over most midrange servers. The versatility it has is just second to none that is why it is widely installed in the government agencies, small corporations and IT departments of big enterprises, across each single industry sector on the world. For more than 20 years, iSeries Cloud has gained the sterling reputation to enabling exceptional resilience and security, at face of IT threats to the businesses all over the world.

Obviously, running iSeries in-house needs companies to actually deal with the headaches, which come with the in-house servers. The specialized staff and proficient in the iSeries management & best practices have to be found and hired, and put on work ensuring server is updated and can keep up with organization’s evolving needs of IT. This costs money and time that can be spent better on the growth-based initiatives. Suppose there was just a way of realizing all iSeries benefits without any need to host servers in-house? Suppose there was an only way to host iSeries in cloud? 

IBM iSeries In Cloud

Luckily, there are many options for the organizations that like IBM iSeries, however, wish they did not need to pay for hardware & maintenance. IBM iSeries cloud is an ideal example of the solution, which combines security and resilience of the standard iSeries setting with the decreases cost and higher productivity typical of best-quality of cloud setups.

iSeries cloud

Decreased Costs

Since quality cloud provider may already have in proper place greater hardware then you will ever need, you will never again need to worry of huge upfront costs for the hardware upgrades. But, you will pay the predictable monthly fee, which allows you pay just for what you want, without any concern for the future IT requirements. With iSeries in cloud, your company will expand –and contract –the IT capabilities at own pace, it means expenditures will be put over hold until they are absolutely essential. Lesser expenditures mean more of funds accessible for the business growth.

Enhance Productivity

As good as iSeries has done over years, like with any server, this needs maintenance. The software has to be well upgraded and hardware has to be improved, and IT staff has to take a little time to get the things done. With IBM iSeries in cloud, the cloud service provider will take care of maintenance, and ensuring you have complete access of cutting-edge technology, newest applications, and updated software. Very importantly, with IT staff free from shackles of the constant maintenance, they are put to work for growing your business, instead keeping it afloat.