5iPhone Development Tips To Follow

May 14, 2019

If you want to try your hand in iPhone app development, then remember that there are strict guidelines that you need to follow. There are certain standards, which you have to fulfill to be accepted. If you will abide by the guidelines of iPhone development, then you can put your app in the store. Here are a couple of the development tips, which you need to follow.

Outline apps purpose

The first thing first, you need to ponder why you are creating this app. What is the purpose of this app and who will install it. Before you start writing code for the app, answer these questions. What kind of requirements your app will fulfill and what is app development cost. This is obvious that apps are built to cater certain requirements. If you will answer the above questions, then you can enhance the chances of being a successful app developer.

Content layout

Apple is clear about the layout of content. They say that the content should fit the screen and users should not scroll right or left to check the content. Other rules are depth deference and clarity.

  • Depth

This means how deep a user can go while navigating through each screen.

  • Clarity

This means that text is bold and clear so that users can read it easily on any device.

  • Deference

Your app is supposed to have a simple design and do not use objects for attention like unnecessary images and text.


If you want to improve the reach and get more downloads, you have to make sure that your iPhone app is supporting multiple versions of iOS. This will help consumers using your app even if they are using an older version of iOS. It will enhance the reach of your app. Let us understand it by an example that Facebook messenger has a billion downloads because this app is supporting android platforms as well as multiple iOS versions.

High performance

If you are developing an app for iPhone, then it is obvious that it has to be high performance. It is natural for an iPhone user to expect that your app is fast and flexible. A wonderful example of a high performing app is WhatsApp. This app gives smooth interaction between multiple users; they can communicate text, images and videos.

Test,test and test

You need to test your app before you finally launch it. elegant media releases two versions of your app to find out which version is working better.