Add-ons to Integrate a Web Proxy in Your Browser

May 12, 2019

A web proxy can be used for many things: filter content, hide our identity, reduce traffic by taking advantage of content that has been previously accessed, avoid unwanted content … In addition, there are currently for all tastes, free and paid.

Previously we have seen a selection of web proxy tools to access blocked pages or to maintain our privacy. As easy to use as to indicate which address we want to access and the web proxy will do the rest.

For those who need to access websites through proxy with assiduity, we recommend a list of web proxy services that have a browser complement, so accessing an anonymous page is as simple as a couple of mouse clicks.

 CroxyProxy Free Web Proxy

Accessible from its official website and as a complement to Google Chrome, CroxyProxy Free Web Proxy allows access to any web page without displaying our IP. Among its free features, it encrypts access via SSL, allows users to share pages with other users through the web proxy, is compatible with any operating system and reproduces audio and video without problems. As a complement to Chrome, we can activate it in the page that we are visiting from its icon, also from the context menu and it is even possible to open a page through the web proxy in a new tab.

proxy browser


Compatible with Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Opera, friGate is a free web proxy that is easy to install and start up in your browser. Among its advantages, it offers traffic encryption and IP hiding, ideal to access websites without revealing our identity or to see pages blocked by geographical limitations. Once installed, its operation and configuration is done from a new tab, where we will see our real information and the available services. Among other things, we can create a list of websites that we are interested in regularly accessing through the web proxy browser.


Available as an extension for Chrome and Firefox and as a stand-alone portable browser, KProxy is a free web proxy service with an optional paid version.

The free version allows access to any page or website. Once installed, from its icon we will see a main window to connect to the web proxy hiding our IP for another, as well as our position on the map.KProxy does not require registration, at least in its free version. Install, connect and enjoy.

ibVPN Browser Extensions

In addition to offering VPN and DNS service, ibVPN also has its own browser add-ons in the form of a web proxy. With ibVPN Browser Extensions you can integrate a web proxy in Chrome, Firefox and Opera.

Easy to install and activate, the ibVPN web proxy allows you to surf the web without displaying your IP or geolocation. In addition, encrypt the connection to avoid security or anonymity problems.